My name is Livia. I’m a life coach focusing on midlife challenges.

Did you notice, too, that at a certain age, around forty, we start to feel the need for a change… It can come out of the blue, but it’s bugging and aching and not going away.

Suddenly we realize that we have new goals and want to find the missing pieces for our lives.

For sure that’s how I’ve been feeling in the last several years!

First, the rolls on my tummy started to bother me. Then my empty marriage. Then the lack of a fulfilling, interesting career. I wanted to do something.

I decided to change the way I eat, and started to work out twice a week. It took me years, but now I feel fit and slim. 

Then I took courses, and tried different things, and finally found coaching as an amazing work to do, interesting and energizing every day. 🙂

So this is my story, and the reason why I specialize in midlife coaching.

Because I am in it. I know what you are going through. And I can feel the power and motivation we can get from this stage in our lives.

And I can help you, too, to reach your goals and feel confident and fulfilled. Starting now. 

Because I believe we will be happier and stronger if we fight for our dreams.

Book a free coaching session to tell me what are your dreams and how can I help you to reach them! 🙂

Take care!


Life coach

PS.: See why and how do I coach in my short intro video on YouTube.

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