Do you want to get better after your divorce but don’t know how?

Are you on an emotional roller coaster since your breakup?

I know… 🙁 It feels awful. Why get out of bed at all, just to be miserable all day? 

After a breakup, we are a mess and it’s understandable. A big change happened, and we lost the ground under our feet. We are trying to make sense of what happened. We are crying. We are mad at our ex or at ourselves. We are going through hell, while the rest of the world goes on…

Weeks go by and we still are not sure what our life is going to be like now… 

Sounds familiar? 

Maybe you are worried… is this misery ever going to end? Are you ever going to feel normal again? Are you ever going to be happy again?

Let me introduce myself…

I separated from my husband two years ago. I had known that our marriage wasn’t in great shape anymore, but I was still devastated when it ended. I cried a lot, I was worried about what would happen to the kids, I couldn’t sleep at night. I had never felt so sad and lonely in my life.

I started to search for help. I tried counseling for myself, I read lots of books, registered for seminars, consulted with life coaches, and finally found strategies that helped me to get better. Slowly there were more good days than bad ones. I was still grieving my marriage, my losses, but I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Imagine never crying about your breakup again!

As a divorce coach, I can help you deal with the overwhelming stress and sadness of a breakup or divorce… so that you can feel better and move on with your lives. 

Divorce or breakup coaching can help you to:

take better care of yourself and your family during divorce/separation

avoid succumbing to old stress-induced habits like overeating, smoking or drinking

reduce stress-related problems like weight gain, IBS, sleep issues, etc.

improve mild depression

potentially speed up the recovery process.

You can click away from this page and keep sitting in your room, crying alone or you can take a step to feel better NOW.

Because we all deserve to be happy again.

Who is divorce coaching for?

Divorce coaching offers practical solutions and self-development tools to help you deal with a breakup, separation or divorce.

It is best for people who:

Are open, willing to try new approaches, i.e. new forms of relaxation or new ways of thinking

Want to move towards accepting that their relationship is over

Can accept feedback from their life coach

Who are interested in self-growth and healing

Are willing to spend 10-15 minutes regularly on the program between sessions

Do not look for a quick fix that will magically solve their problems without any effort on their part

Does that sound like you?