Health coaching

What is health and fitness coaching?

Have you ever felt that you would like to get fit or lose some weight to be more healthy, active and confident… but had problems finding the time and motivation to keep up your efforts?

You are not alone.

As a life coach, I help men and women to reach their health and fitness goals in a sustainable way and within a reasonable time frame.

How do you know that coaching can help?

Because I tried it myself. 🙂

Long, long time ago, after giving birth to three kids, I was in my thirties, always busy, tired and a bit chubby around my tummy. I didn’t care about it though. I tried not to eat too much dessert since I had gestational diabetes and I figured, I run after the kids all day long, it counts as exercise.

Until one day I read in an article that my 35+ inches waist measurement puts me into the highest risk factor for heart disease right away. Even though I barely had twenty pounds/10 kilos on me compared to my pre-kids weight.

What??? I thought heart disease only affects old or very chubby people!!!

This was my turning point.

Because I wanted to lower my risk for heart disease and diabetes I decided to

  • replace sugar with Splenda,
  • cut back on bread, rice and potato and
  • go to the gym twice a week. Again.

Well, I signed up for a gym membership before. My efforts usually lasted for a month. 🙁

But this time I went to a small gym for moms, where a friend-of-mine was the trainer/instructor.

Because of her, I got all the support and motivation boost I needed. She complemented on my progress, answered my questions and remind me there’s an aerobic class the next day at 10am.

I didn’t realize it, but she was a trainer and a fitness coach for me at the same time.

So finally I managed to stay on track and started to lose weight and shape up. My waist measurement slowly went below 35 inches, then 34, 33… Phew. I got out of the high risk zone. 🙂

Ever since then I watch what I eat and work out three times a week. ‘Cos I learned to love it.

And I’m convinced that you can, too, find enjoyable ways of staying healthy. 🙂

Objectives of my health coaching kit

By the end of the health coaching process with me, you will have:

  • a personalized, healthy diet plan with recipes you love
  • a stress management plan that works for you, feels natural and effective
  • an age appropriate, flexible and fun exercise routine that you love and fits in your week/life.

Am I going to give you these plans, printed, ready to use?


Everybody is different. Your health goals and life situation is not the same as mine or your friend’s.

During the coaching process, we will discover food options, based on your doctor’s recommendation, stress relief strategies and workout variations that is best for your personality and body type. If desired, we can work with a trainer and dietitian as well.

Health coaching process

We will use similar steps as with career coaching, only with absolutely different content.

Phases of health coaching process

Step 1: Self discovery

  • What is your current health situation and fitness level?
  • What are the health related problems that bother you?
  • What are your current eating, exercising and stress management habits?

Step 2: Goal-setting

  • What are your goals for your weight, fitness level, stress level?
  • What can be a realistic deadline for them?
  • What do you want to start with?

Step 3: Brainstorming

  • What options do you have for diet that support your goal?
  • Resources for cooking, for ordering or eating out…
  • What are your choices for working out, based on your personality, fitness level, age, health and time restrictions ?
  • What is your preference?
  • What has worked for you before?
  • What are your alternatives for stress management?

Step 4: Action plan

At this step, we test if you are ready for a change. Based on the previous steps and your level of readiness, we put together a personalized plan for one area and you can start working. 🙂

Wait, is this planning really necessary?

Yes. Careful planning gives you way better chance to succeed. See what a change expert has to say about this:

“The preparation stage is the cornerstone of effective action, and affords us an opportunity to make a solid commitment to behavior change. […]

If, like those last-minute shoppers [who wait to get supplies till the hurricane is almost there], you are betting that you won’t need to prepare for action, you are setting your self-change efforts up for failure.”  J. O. Prohaska

Step 5: Ongoing support

During this stage, you are doing the hard work:

  • following your plan,
  • taking action,
  • dieting, exercising, etc.

And I am there for you through sessions and emails and texts:

  • holding you accountable,
  • checking progress with you,
  • acknowledging all your efforts,
  • giving you tools to keep you on track, like lists, reminders or apps.

So you are not alone. You have your personal cheerleader. 🙂

Step 6: Revision

Every month we sit down and review your plan of action.

  • What worked?
  • What didn’t work?
  • What are things you’re happy with? Unhappy with?

So you will have a plan that’s easy to follow and just the right fit for you.

How long does it take to finish this process?

Good question! The first four steps, the planning phase can be done in a month or two. The length of action phase (5. and 6. steps) depends on your personal goals and dedication.

How much does this health coaching kit costs?

Again, it depends on your goals and needs for support. Here’s one offer to consider:

health coaching prices fees

Are you ready to work for your health and well-being? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

As always, feel free to contact me if you have questions or if you’d like to your 30 minutes complementary coaching session with me!



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