Do you suffer from chronic stress symptoms?

Lots of us do, without even realizing it. Stress symptoms can be

  • physical like neck pain, headaches and digestive issues,
  • psychological like insomnia, memory and concentration problems or mild depression,
  • or social signs like lack of interest in socializing, decreased libido or more impatience and arguments with others.

Do these things affect your life often? Even daily? Then maybe it is time to pay attention to your stress level and coping strategies.
Because there are healthy coping strategies that can help you feel better. Here and now.

Can we decrease our stress level?

Yes, we can. Without waiting to win the lottery and moving to a tropical island by yourself. 🙂


Our perceived stress level is a result of outside events and our reactions to those events. We cannot do much about the blue areas but sure we can change the orange parts: out attitude and coping strategies, for example.

Real life example: I worked with a client who came to me because she had been sick all the time last winter and was very stressed. Gradually, she started to use new stress management techniques and feels significantly better since then.

She didn’t win the lottery. Her life circumstances are the same. But she is doing something about them.

And you can do that, too, in a few minutes a day. For example, here are some active rest ideas you can use to:

  • increase your productivity,
  • relax your mind,
  • refresh your body and
  • restore your spirits.

Active rest tips video

In my next post, I will give you guys some more tips on effective daily habits that will help you to lower your stress level, and feel better immediately.

Take care,


Health and wellness coach in Calgary, who will go dancing Friday night because it helps her with the stress a lot! 🙂